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Let’s Look for Ourselves – Don’t Buy into “all Muslims are bad”

With everything that has been going on lately I have been seeing a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment and I understand that people are angry about tragedies and evil acts which have occurred.

However, I have a major problem with the generality that Muslims are bad. The only thing that happens when we buy into that is the justification to harm billions of people.

There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims (compared to 2.2 billion Christians)*. If all of the Muslims in the world wanted us all dead and were all extremists and terrible people – things would be a heck of a lot worse than they are. The vast majority of Muslims are good, peaceful people. Attack the individuals and groups within that religion who are evil – do not attack the entirety of the group.

I see warning signs of Nazi Germany type propaganda – where one group of people is vilified in order to justify great evil. There is no race, country or religion that is all bad. There are evil individuals and those individuals sometimes act and poorly represent the others in their group.

I am Jewish. I am a member of a minority which has been attacked, which has been generalized and which has been misrepresented. This has never created a positive outcome. As someone who could be easily attacked, misunderstood and believed to be something I am not – I choose to defend those who are open to the same misconceptions.

Please – go meet some Muslims, go learn about their traditions, customs, and beliefs. (And please, don’t use a few lines of the Quran to represent its whole. If you are going to quote it – take some time to understand it as a book, with the whole concept of what it conveys.)

The correct target is extremist hate groups – regardless of race, color or creed. Don’t help create another Holocaust.


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Oprah Interviews Orthodox Jewish Women

I consider myself a champion of all religions. I believe in the right to chose your own faith and the responsibility to understand and respect other faiths. This is why I am sharing these Oprah interviews of 4 Orthodox Jewish wives and mothers and 1 family. Oprah gets a rare invitation to look into the lives of these four women and understand their culture. I hope you enjoy!

What it Means to Be Hasidic

Oprah Reflects on Hasidism

Oprah Breaks Bread with Religious Jewish Family

Hasidic Parents Reflect on Their Blessings

Hasidic Children – How they entertain themselves.

Hasidic Marital Customs

How Hasidic Jews View Other Religions

Here is the 40 minute segment which consists of several different sections:



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