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Lerosett & Exfoliation & Clinique Body Butter vs Keratosis Pilaris (Post 1)

Before I get into how I am going to test the effects of a couple of products on KP, I am going to show you the existing condition of my KP:

 right arm

left arm

(1 leg,. both of my legs have similar levels of KP.)

Currently, all I do is use body wash daily. When I remember/feel like it I moisturize. (Which has been a lot lately.)

I will be doing using the Lerosett Clay Mask by Gunilla of Sweden
on both of my arms. I will be doing this every other day. Each time I apply it I will leave it on for roughly 30 minutes. I will also be moisturizing daily with EOS Boost Complete Care Hand and Body Lotion . (Not my favorite lotion, but the one I am currently trying out.)

Left leg – nothing different, normal washing and moisturizing.

Right leg – every other day I will do a sugar scrub on my right leg while in the shower. Then I will use my Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter. On days when I do not use the sugar scrub I will use the EOS Boost Complete Care Hand and Body Lotion . The sugar scrub, is simply white sugar that you buy in the store. I have heard it does a pretty good job as an exfoliant.

Today is my first day. I did my arms today. Tomorrow, I will do the sugar scrub on my right leg.

Here is a picture of my left arm with Lerosett
smeared all over it:

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