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Consumerism vs Thanksgiving

I was a bit peeved this year to find out that some stores were open on the evening of Thanksgiving.

While I have always loved Black Friday shopping and deals, I find the infringement on this holiday to be offensive. American culture has become a consumer culture. Many family values have been lost, and in many families little time is spent together. Rather than all sitting down for a family meal, many modern families sit down for dinner in front of the TV. Thus, I think Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, it brings people together and centers around a family MEAL. This is a time when the family can connect and enjoy each other, new traditions can be made, etc. I know my family has always taken great JOY in this holiday.

Now, however, our holiday is being cut short for consumerism, for the lure of a good deal. (At least many of those good deals are slated as gifts for others.) I even heard that people had been standing in line at one place for over a week!! Are you kidding me? Why have objects and things become so important? What happened to the value of people and relationships?

Sometimes I think the Amish, and Orthodox Jews have the emphasis of their lives right – family, morals/values, and spiritual beliefs. They remember the important thing – each other, and put aside the less important – gadgets.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


P.S. What family traditions does your family have which bring everyone together?

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Last year, my boyfriend decided to invite a bunch of friends to share Thanksgiving with us. This changed the dynamic of our Thanksgiving from a small (6 person) family get-together, to a large boisterous “party.”

Now, every year we have about 13 people over for Thanksgiving- and we have a GRAND time. The day is always full of laughter, fun and very full stomachs.

It just so happens that there are 2 birthdays in our family right around that time, so we end up having a joint birthday/Thanksgiving party.
Here are some of our fun traditions:
1. Big Thanksgiving Meal (DUH!!)

2. Volleyball (None of us are excellent/very good at the sport, so the game is very light and we all have a lot of laughs!)

3. A pinata – a surprising amount of fun for the adults (and any kids involved). Blindfolds are a must! Also, it is important to be able to change the position of the pinata…

4.Catch Phrase

If you haven’t heard of this game, click on the picture above for more information.

This game is a TON of fun and always results in a lot of laughs- though it is more appropriate for teenagers and adults.

5. Finally, we choose a movie and watch it. This is a nice ending to a long and active day!
I’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving Traditions! Please share!


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