New Mama

So…I became a new mom. The first few weeks were a shock to my system. I had no idea what I was doing, my body was going though a lot of changes and to top it off, it seemed like I made my baby cry worse than anyone else. I was having a rough time with the transition even though I REALLY wanted to be a good mom and figure this all out.

I felt betrayed by the Google too, because prior to having the baby I had been trying to search for the information but because I couldn’t find it, I was now struggling. And on top of that, in looking for information to solve the problems I was running into after having the baby I still didn’t always know the right questions to ask.

Fast forward and my baby is now 7 weeks old. We’ve learned some things about each other and taking care of my baby is less stressful – though we are definitely still working through some issues.

I have been wanting to blog but could never find the topic I was passionate about or one area of concentration. Well, being a new mom can be pretty rough so I decided to write about my experiences and the lessons I have learned with the hopes of saving you all some of the stress that I experienced.

First Lesson: No matter how much you read and prepare things will STILL be stressful and crazy. Each baby is unique. You need to learn your child – what they like and dislike, what they have trouble with.

Challenges I ran into with my baby are unique to my child – my friends with new babies ran into a totally different set of problems. Realize no matter how much you research beforehand, there’s going to be a big learning curve and sometimes you will just have to wing it. Your baby didn’t read the rule book – so be prepared to find that they don’t always follow the rules.



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