Where Health and Money Intersect

I read a couple of interesting articles (RockstarFinance featured daily articles) today and, amazingly, the more I read finance blogs the more I find out that I already incorporate a lot of the mindset into my daily habits and have for years. (I attribute this to the way my father raised me.) In a way this is annoying because things “that I could do to save money” are already my habits – so there is little money to be saved.

The biggest aspect of my financial health is really boosting my income. I work at a job I am passionate about and which gives back to the world, but it doesn’t come with a hefty paycheck. I need to find a good side hustle. (But back to our topic…)

Two of the articles I read today struck me as habits that I have had for a long time and which not only benefit your wallet but benefit your health. Here are the two articles: Thirty Days, 3 Seconds and How Drinking Water Saved Me More than I Expected. Now if you read these two articles you will see that first is being aware of your spending – every purchase you make you notice. I am pretty good about this (I have gotten a bit lax compared to before) but something that strikes me about it is that as you notice how much you spend, you are also forced to notice what you are spending it on and whether it matches your values. (For more on that see my post Minimalism and Money)

This can lead to changes in your diet too, i.e. you notice how much you are spending on fast food so you make a few less trips a month or you start heading to the grocery store more frequently. This ties right into the article about how by making a commitment to not spend on beverages and just drink water the author’s health and other monetary habits improved.

I happen to pretty much follow the not purchasing beverages rule (although I do buy almond milk and the occasional protein shake). This has lead to great health benefits for me – I have never had a habit of drinking soda and the thing is – I have never felt I was missing out. It just never became a habit.

So my take away is – good habits prevent other bad habits and sometimes thinking with your wallet can improve your health!


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