History’s Mysteries: Secret Societies

History's Mysteries

History’s Mysteries: Secret Societies is a documentary done by the History Channel.

I have heard of various secret societies throughout my life and have found it vaguely interesting. I think the books and movies for the DaVinci Code have brought more attention to the existence of secret societies. When I saw this documentary, I decided to watch it out of curiosity.

I wasn’t very impressed by this documentary. Usually, I think that the History Channel does a great job. However, I didn’t feel like this documentary uncovered any mysteries – except now I know that the Bilderberg & Skull & Bones group exists. When the documentary ended, I thought “Really? That’s all.”

One thing that was interesting was the fact that secret societies have been in existence for a very very long time. Also, the documentary showed just how many influential people in the world and in the US are part of these societies – which is a sort of interesting and, in my opinion, scary fact. If you have never heard of any secret societies this would be a good documentary to watch as an introduction.

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