Craigslist Joe – Documentary


Craigslist Joe is a documentary about one man’s quest to see if technology can be used to bring a sense of community. Basically, he sheds all money, connections, etc. He gets a new phone number and e-mail address. The rules, he has to survive over the next 31 days off of contacts and kindness from people on Craigslist. “Joe” challenges the idea that all strangers are dangerous and proves that there are people out there with kindness and caring in their hearts and who can in fact be trusted.

While the premise of the documentary is interesting, it sort of drags on and on. I would have loved to watch a 10 to 20 minute video. However, I am glad I watched it because it is an out of the box, daring concept.

What truly impressed me about Joe was his ability to admire others, not matter how strange or unusual their practices, attitudes or ideas were. He never belittles or made less of anyone and he always went out of his way to help others. He seems like a good person.

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One thought on “Craigslist Joe – Documentary

  1. Sorry, that message got sent way to early. What I was meant to say was this: ‘This looks like a really interesting documentary. I might have to give it a go.’

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