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History’s Mysteries: Secret Societies

History's Mysteries

History’s Mysteries: Secret Societies is a documentary done by the History Channel.

I have heard of various secret societies throughout my life and have found it vaguely interesting. I think the books and movies for the DaVinci Code have brought more attention to the existence of secret societies. When I saw this documentary, I decided to watch it out of curiosity.

I wasn’t very impressed by this documentary. Usually, I think that the History Channel does a great job. However, I didn’t feel like this documentary uncovered any mysteries – except now I know that the Bilderberg & Skull & Bones group exists. When the documentary ended, I thought “Really? That’s all.”

One thing that was interesting was the fact that secret societies have been in existence for a very very long time. Also, the documentary showed just how many influential people in the world and in the US are part of these societies – which is a sort of interesting and, in my opinion, scary fact. If you have never heard of any secret societies this would be a good documentary to watch as an introduction.

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Craigslist Joe – Documentary


Craigslist Joe is a documentary about one man’s quest to see if technology can be used to bring a sense of community. Basically, he sheds all money, connections, etc. He gets a new phone number and e-mail address. The rules, he has to survive over the next 31 days off of contacts and kindness from people on Craigslist. “Joe” challenges the idea that all strangers are dangerous and proves that there are people out there with kindness and caring in their hearts and who can in fact be trusted.

While the premise of the documentary is interesting, it sort of drags on and on. I would have loved to watch a 10 to 20 minute video. However, I am glad I watched it because it is an out of the box, daring concept.

What truly impressed me about Joe was his ability to admire others, not matter how strange or unusual their practices, attitudes or ideas were. He never belittles or made less of anyone and he always went out of his way to help others. He seems like a good person.

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Fresh – The Documentary


I have watched various different documentaries about the problems of industrialized farming and the problem has become more and more real to me. After watching Hungry for Change (I blogged about that one too.) I started adding more vegetables in my diet.

Fresh, approached the problem of the food in America from a different angle. Fresh shows the successful actions of the sustainable and organic farmers. It shows what they do and how it maximizes the use of their land. Something that was very interesting to me, was the fact that growing different types of crops and raising different types of animals greatly reduces disease etc. The intelligence and creativity of the farmers, or at least those who originally designed the system floored me.

This film was more inspiring than upsetting. Food, INC for example is more scary and upsetting than uplifting. Food, INC gives you the hard truth, Fresh shows that too. Mainly, though, it shows SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT and that there are people who are doing something about it! That, I LOVE!!

I found this documentary inspiring, so instead of grabbing the ice cream on the way home (even though I was really hungry and wanted it) I came home and ate part of a grapefruit and put some sweet potatoes in the oven….a much more nourishing way of going about it FOR SURE!!

My boyfriend and I are building a house. When we move in, I am DEFINITELY putting in a garden!

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