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Throwing a Baby Shower

Recently I found out that a good friend of mine is pregnant with her second child. We don’t know officially what the sex is, but I keep thinking that it’s a boy….we’ll see!

Anyhow, she asked me and another friend to host her baby shower. I am going to be detailing the process along the way, so tune in!

As a starter here are some websites I have found which have already helped me with the baby shower planning.

Baby Shower Planning Checklist from Real Simple

Baby Shower Etiquette from Real Simple

Martha Stewart Baby Shower Ideas

The Bump – Website about Pregnancy, Baby Showers, etc.

Baby Favor Ideas

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Hungry for Change


I started watching this documentary on my phone while making brownies – a little bit of irony for you there…

This is a documentary about food and its effect on a human body. It is an interesting documentary that addresses a daunting problem in today’s urban societies – the use of sugar and chemicals in foods and the resulting disease and lack of health. This film didn’t advertise one specific diet plan or ideology. Rather, it touches upon several different ways of approaching the same problem.

I think that the American society at large has not examined the obesity epidemic and faced its true root. The majority of overweight Americans do a couple of different things (this is based on my personal observations and not any sort of scientific study) 1. They do nothing. 2. They continue to eat the same foods and simply take pills to curb the symptoms. These two methods of handling the problem aren’t workable. This film presents a workable way of handling the weight. The great thing about it is, is that the people are giving the information are people who have lived through it themselves and have gotten results.

Rather than making people feel guilty about what they are eating, this film is inspirational. It presents a mindset that isn’t about dieting and isn’t about depriving yourself or forcing yourself not to eat certain things. Rather, it is about adding things to your normal eating habits that promote health, it’s about loving yourself.

I think this film is worth the time it took to watch and I have personally resolved to eat healthier this coming year.

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Caroline – A Short Story


Here is the beginning of a short story I read. The author started writing it years ago and just dropped it. What do you think? Should they keep writing?

Light gleamed on the still lake despite the early hour. The sun was rising earlier these days, something 14 year old Caroline didn’t mind at all. She loved getting up early, but she was forbidden to get up and go outside before the sun was out. Their neighborhood was just too dangerous for a girl to be up and about alone at that hour.

Wearing her favorite dress, a tattered red sundress, Caroline ran outside of the shack she shared with her abusive alcoholic father and 3 older sisters. Caroline headed toward the small forest that bordered her father’s shack, just beyond the forest there was a calm, beautiful lake. That lake was Caroline’s place. It was the place where she forgot the condition of her life: her father’s frequent beatings, the pittance the family lived on, the work conditions at the factory she worked at. This lake was where Caroline could dream.

Caroline made her way through the forest as she had so many mornings before, she could have gotten to the lake with her eyes closed, the area was so familiar. A deep hole here, a fir tree there, an owl’s nest up there, it was the same as yesterday morning and all the mornings before that. When Caroline arrived at the lake she sat down, and rested her bare feet in the water, the cool water enveloping her feet and sending tingles up her spine. She threw her head back and relaxed, she was determined to enjoy the only peace, the only respite from her difficult life. She watched the turtles sun themselves and the schools of fish circle around her feet.

Caroline had plans for her life, she wanted to finish high school and go to medical school, she wanted to be a doctor. But the poverty of her family had prevented that, she couldn’t even start high school, let alone finish, she was needed at the factory, she had to make money so that they could all eat. Still, Caroline studied, she’d befriended the local librarian and a 15 year old girl Marcia who generously gave Caroline her old school books. She tried to squeeze an hour a day of study in. If her father ever found out, she was in for the beating of her life. Her father would be furious that she was depriving them the $35 she would have made extra if she’d stayed at work that extra hour every night.

Caroline stayed at the lake 15 minutes that day and dreamed of her futures as a doctor, how she would work at the local hospital, one of the best in the US. She was torn between being a pediatrician and being a surgeon. One thing she knew though, when she became a doctor she was going to do pro bono work on weekends at the small clinic near the poor neighborhood in which she currently lived.

At 7:30 Caroline headed back to house, put on her dull, gray uniform and grabbed her shoes. She went to the poor excuse for a kitchen and filled her small cracked bowl with porridge. She ate in silence, then quietly rinsed her bowl and headed out the door. She walked a block and a half before she realized she’d forgotten her shoes. She ran back to the house and slipped them on.

Caroline ran all the way to work that morning, she couldn’t afford to be late, the shift supervisor would dock part of her pay if she was. She ran as fast and as hard as her legs could carry her. As she neared the factory the air became laden with black smoke. Caroline coughed and pushed her legs harder, she had to get out of the suffocating smoke. She grabbed the handle of the factory door and pushed. Now she slowed her gait, she was 5 minutes early, and winded. She made her way up the 4 flights of stairs to the floor she worked on. She opened the door to the large room that normally held 400 women. While the seats would normally be almost full by now, today there was only about 50 women there.

“Where is everyone?” Caroline wondered aloud.

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