Consumerism vs Thanksgiving

I was a bit peeved this year to find out that some stores were open on the evening of Thanksgiving.

While I have always loved Black Friday shopping and deals, I find the infringement on this holiday to be offensive. American culture has become a consumer culture. Many family values have been lost, and in many families little time is spent together. Rather than all sitting down for a family meal, many modern families sit down for dinner in front of the TV. Thus, I think Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, it brings people together and centers around a family MEAL. This is a time when the family can connect and enjoy each other, new traditions can be made, etc. I know my family has always taken great JOY in this holiday.

Now, however, our holiday is being cut short for consumerism, for the lure of a good deal. (At least many of those good deals are slated as gifts for others.) I even heard that people had been standing in line at one place for over a week!! Are you kidding me? Why have objects and things become so important? What happened to the value of people and relationships?

Sometimes I think the Amish, and Orthodox Jews have the emphasis of their lives right – family, morals/values, and spiritual beliefs. They remember the important thing – each other, and put aside the less important – gadgets.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


P.S. What family traditions does your family have which bring everyone together?

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