Arranged – Friendship has no religion

As you may have figured out, I like cultural movies.

This is a movie about a young Orthodox Jewish girl, and a Muslim girl.  They are both teachers at the same school in New York. They strike up an unlikely friendship.

While this movie, is not always perfectly accurate as far as religious customs, etc. (For example, the Jewish girl’s father does not wear a beard – something that all truly religious men would wear.) However, these small faults aside,  the movie does give a good deal of insight into these two religions. Including parallels in both religions, most notable is the similarity in the dating/marriage process – a major focus of the movie.

While the acting in this movie was quite good, the plot was not always the most exciting. Overall, I think it was a good movie.

To get more information about the truth of these  religions you can check out these websites:

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One thought on “Arranged – Friendship has no religion

  1. rabbiadar says:

    I’m always happy to find someone who reviews cultural movies, esp with Jewish content. I appreciate the links to websites to learn more, too. I’d like to hear more about those parallels; I get the feeling that paragraph was cut off.

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