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Arranged – Friendship has no religion

As you may have figured out, I like cultural movies.

This is a movie about a young Orthodox Jewish girl, and a Muslim girl.  They are both teachers at the same school in New York. They strike up an unlikely friendship.

While this movie, is not always perfectly accurate as far as religious customs, etc. (For example, the Jewish girl’s father does not wear a beard – something that all truly religious men would wear.) However, these small faults aside,  the movie does give a good deal of insight into these two religions. Including parallels in both religions, most notable is the similarity in the dating/marriage process – a major focus of the movie.

While the acting in this movie was quite good, the plot was not always the most exciting. Overall, I think it was a good movie.

To get more information about the truth of these  religions you can check out these websites:

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The Hunger Games (the movie)

My boyfriend took me to see “The Hunger Games” for my birthday. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I have never read the books, but after seeing the movie I am looking forward to reading them.

If you don’t know already, the basic premise of the story is that there was a great big war (in the future) across northern America. Now it is divided into districts. Every year each district has to give up a boy  and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 as a “tribute.” These tributes have to fight to the death. There can be only one winner.

I enjoyed the acting, scenery, story line (even if the concept is a bit disturbing) and the costumes were great as well.

This movie is not yet available on DVD.

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Skin (Based on an Extraordinary True Story)

Skin is a movie about Apartheid in South Africa.

My mother grew up in South Africa, and while my mom did not cheer Apartheid on, she did not speak harshly of it. As a result, I am ashamed to say, I did not think it was such a big deal. Until I saw this movie and became truly educated about what Apartheid was and how it affected people’s lives.

Skin was not only about Apartheid; it was about human courage, misery and strength. As with all life, it was bitter sweet. While some wrongs were rectified, others were not. The most shocking thing of all to me, was that this woman still lives. Here is the Trailer:


Watch the full movie! It was entertaining and eye-opening.

You can watch this movie on Netflix –

You can rent or watch this movie on

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Psychiatry – Get the Facts

This is not the sort of topic I typically address in my blog, but given the fact that a friend of mine was recently involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital I feel the need to bring it up.

One of the happiest and most capable women I know was recently involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital after having an allergic reaction to a diet pill. She was there for a month and a half, and despite everything her husband tried he could not get her out of there. She has a 15 month old son.

I found a great website: This is a non-profit organization that has worked for years to expose Psychiatric abuse and fraud around the world.

Here is a video that explains what CCHR does:

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