Clinique 3 step facial “system”

I have been trying out this 3 step facial system since I got it for Christmas. I have posted individual reviews for the facial cleanser and the moisturizer, I still am not sure how to evaluate the clarifying lotion by itself.

As a set I like these products. The mild facial soap foams when you put it on which is nice, and it does the job well. The clarifying lotion leaves my face tingling, and does exfoliate my skin a bit. Finally the moisturizer, which is my favorite does a great job. The moisture seems to penetrate deeply and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

The main thing I notice with this set is that if I use it 2 times a day, and sometimes even every day, I notice that my skin tends to dry out a bit. Using this every other day has been pretty successful. Also, when I do get the occasional pimple, they seem to clear up faster when I use these products. (I also seem to get them more frequently, but that could be a hormonal coincidence and they go away so fast it doesn’t matter.)

While I am happy with these products and I would buy them again, my search for the perfect facial skin care continues. Also, if the Pevonia products were less expensive, I would choose them over the Clinique products any day – especially the Pevonia moisturizer. (I like the Clinique cleanser better because it actually looks like soap when you use it, and the Clinique clarifying lotion feels like it is doing more than the Pevonia toner did. Overall, though my skin felt AMAZING when using the Pevonia products.)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pros: Love the moisturizer, there are different Clinique products for each of the different skin care needs and types, relatively affordable. (When you buy the 3 steps at once it is cheaper than when you buy each item singly.) a little goes a long way with each of these products, the pumps on the facial cleanser and the moisturizer dispense the perfect amount for me, fragrance free, dermatologist developed.

Cons: Drying when I use whole system daily.

Price: $62-$76 (Clinique website is cheaper than Amazon in this case.)

Where to shop:, Clinique counters in department stores

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