Beauty on Broadway (Dunedin, FL)

I tried out this salon, Beauty on Broadway, yesterday.  I saw a Groupon for it, and I decided to treat myself.

Beauty on Broadway is run by two sisters and their small staff. The salon provides the following services: nails, hair, massages, facials and permanent make up.

When I walked into the place the first thing I noticed was how cute it was. There is pretty floral wall paper, and nice decor. My only complaint, is that place looked a little messy/cluttered and the place while cute, didn’t have the SUPER relaxing ambiance that I am used to at Botanica. 

One of the sisters greeted me, and immediately offered me something to drink. I chose a spiced tea and settled into the massage chair for my pedicure. There was a good selection of colors, and a lot of ZOYA nail polishes. Since I was getting a Spa manicure and pedicure, I was treated to a wonderful (housemade) sugar scrub and a super luxurious moisturizer. When it came time to do my manicure, I was treated to a wonderful paraffin wax (my first ever.)

The ladies, Dawn and Cathy, were very friendly and the service was great. Dawn, who did my nails, even helped me get into my car, so that I wouldn’t mess up my nails.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. (It might have gotten 4 stars if I was so spoiled by Botanica Day Spa.)

Pros: friendly, great manicures/pedicures, good prices, hygenic (I saw Dawn clean out the foot bath), cute place, great service!

Cons: A bit cluttered/messy. Because the 2 sisters run the whole show there was no receptionist, so they were answering the phone in the middle of my pedicure and the other client’s pedicure.

I definitely plan to go back for the manicure/pedicure services. The friendliness and personal care makes up for any other faults the place has.

FYI: Dawn is from Oregon. She used to run 2 beauty schools and a salon. She definitely knows what she is doing!

For more pictures and a sample of their “menu click here.

Address: 310 Monroe St. Dunedin, FL

Phone Number: 727-736-1468

Facebook: Beauty on Broadway

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