Sabah: A Love Story

Sabah: A Love Story is about a 40 year old Muslim woman who lives in Toronto, Canada. She ends up falling in love with a non-Muslim Canadian man. This creates problems in her somewhat traditional Muslim family.

I stumbled upon this movie while browsing Netflix, it was in the romantic/ feel-good section. I am a sucker for romantic comedies, and  I love movies about various different cultures. So combine the two and I am sold. (I love the movie Bend it Like Beckham – just in case you’re wondering)

In the end, the movie was decent. The acting wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t painful either.The love story was predictable, and cute.

To me the most important part of this movie was the cultural aspect. I like to expose myself to different cultures and belief systems, even if I do not agree with those systems. While, I don’t think this movie gives a perfectly accurate view of Muslim traditions and opinions it gives us a flavor.

As we all know there are some very extremist Muslims, they go around blowing themselves up, and blowing others up and they give a very bad name to Muslims in general. (There are extremists in every religion – consider the Spanish Inquisition, the Holy Wars, etc) From all  I have seen most Muslims are basically good people, just like you and I. They are some cultural aspects I do not agree with. For example, there is a great deal of room for improvement as to the freedoms and rights given to women.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. especially the look I got into semi-modern Muslim culture.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Pros: highlighted Muslim culture, cute story, good ending, showed actual issues a Muslim family like this might face.

Cons:the movie moved a bit slowly and there wasn’t a whole lot of action.


Price: $5- $30

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