Rescue Your Nails by Ji Baek

I bought this book because I couldn’t understand why: a. I could never file my nails and have them come out looking as good as they do when a get a professional manicure. b. My at home manicures didn’t look as good or last as long as those in the salon. c. I didn’t know which nail tools were essential and in some cases what the tools were for.

So basically…I was pretty much clueless.

Well, this book was PERFECT!!

Ji breaks down everything simply, and lays out manicures and pedicures step by step. She explains how to sterilize your tools, how to fix common problems that come up with nails, how to choose a salon, how to take care of your nails, etc. Ji even breaks down how to EAT and promote the health of your nails.

Whenever I follow the manicure steps to the letter my nails end up coming out fantastic and they look better than any salon manicure I have had. (Now, when I go to the salon I often think “I could do better,” (and the salons I go to are GREAT!)  instead of, “How do they do that?”

I love this book, and I will be keeping it for a long time, if I ever have a daughter I plan to hand it down to her.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Pros: easy to read, covers everything from the basic tools and how to do a manicure to handling nail problems and “curing” nail biters.

Cons: What cons?

Price: $6 – $11

Where to Shop:, Barnes and Nobles, etc.

Rescue Your Nails

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